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We provide Interior / Exterior home maintenance and repairs.

Includes:• The building structure and foundation • porches and decks • siding • trim • mouldings • windows and doors • floors • pavements • chimney's • brick repointing • shelving • furniture • refinishing and restoring • painting • wallpapering • cleaning • demolition and removal of debri • paving repairs • pavement sealing • counter top and cabinet removal and replacement • light electrical and plumbing repairs • heating and air conditioning

MAINTENANCE: The activities required or undertaken to conserve as nearly, and as long as possible, the original condition of an asset or resource such as a home or building while compensating for normal wear and tear.

REPAIRS: The process by which interior and exterior building components and structural elements that are damaged or broken are restored to good working order.

Every residential property needs periodic maintenance and repairs.

“We recommend periodic inspections…”

Maintenance Inspection Reporting Service: By request, we provide (as determined by a close visual inspection) a written (MIR) report containing guidelines and recommendations for future maintenance and preventative maintenance for your property.

Maintenance Services: We provide the necessary services to perform regular and preventative interior and exterior building maintenance.

Handyman Services: We provide the skilled labor to deal with those untimely maintenance necessities that arise from time to time…

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